Surrey Ultrasound Services

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Access MRI is a non-MSP private MRI and Ultrasound clinic located in Surrey, British Columbia. We provide High Quality, Accessible Medical Imaging to all of our patients and now offer a full spectrum of Diagnostic Ultrasound Services that include:

  • No Waitlist
  • Online Appointment Availability and Bookings
  • New Premium Philips Ultrasound System
  • Experienced Sonographer Staff
  • Experienced Radiologists.

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Diagnostic Ultrasounds

At Access MRI, we provide highly accurate Ultrasound Scans to evaluate the body. An Ultrasound scan can be useful for:

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Ultrasound Equipment

Access MRI uses the Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound system. In addition to its superb general imaging features, it provides new useful ultrasound technologies not available in hospitals or most clinics, including:

  • High Resolution Imaging – provides greater detail
  • Shear Wave Elastography – a useful tool for early detection of liver problems
  • 3D / 4D Ultrasounds – better evaluation of complex anatomy and moving heart structures
  • Strain – earlier detection of heart abnormalities when images appear otherwise normal
  • Automated Cardiac Motion Quantification – greater accuracy in evaluation of how each segment of the heart muscle is functioning.

Ultrasound Procedure

At Access MRI you can expect your ultrasound to be performed in a timely manner by an experienced, accredited professional. The facility offers brand new, state of the art equipment where your privacy and modesty will be maintained.

Depending on your specific procedure, you can expect to be in the clinic anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. If an Ultrasound of the heart is required, the process may take up to one hour. A technologist will explain your specific procedure and begin scanning the body part in question.

The exam is performed using an ultrasound transducer (camera) with the help of some warm gel to conduct the sound waves. Sometimes pressure on the transducer is required to obtain high quality images. You may be asked to move around or take a deep breath in. Once the images have been completed, they will be sent to a radiologist for review who will write a report which is sent to your doctor.

Ultrasound Preparation

Examination preparation instructions can vary from procedure to procedure, it’s important to follow the instructions to ensure accurate results. You will be provided with a specific preparation for your exam either from your doctor or from our booking experts here at Access MRI. Preparations can include fasting, a full bladder or no preparation at all! Arrive wearing clothing of your choice. The technologist may ask you to change in order to protect your clothing from ultrasound gel.

Value and Price Match Guarantee

We will match any competitor’s advertised price for the same exam. Our prices are listed below.

Ultrasound Price List

$345 $450 $575




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