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Contrast MRI

The accuracy of some MRI examinations can be improved by intravenous injection of MRI contrast material.

Contrast material in the blood stream makes certain structures in the human body brighter on MRI .

Changes in the appearance of different body parts after injection of contrast material can add important useful diagnostic information to the MRI scan.

The most commonly performed type of contrast MRI examination is an MRI of the spine when there is a history of previous back surgery. Other situations where contrast injection may be helpful include MRI of the pituitary gland and brain, MRI of the abdomen or pelvis and MRI for assessment of small bowel (MR enterography).

During a contrast MRI examination, the technologist will take a series of pictures before contrast is injected.

An intravenous line is then inserted in your arm, and a small volume of MRI contrast material is injected.

A second set of pictures is then obtained by the technologist.

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Diagnostic MRI examinations are provided when requested by a physician on your behalf.

Important: Your doctor may provide you with a completed request form, or you can print this form and have your doctor fill it out.

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Contrast MRI is a highly accurate diagnostic test for evaluation of many parts of the human body, including:

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  • Access MRI offers a 15% discount on multiple diagnostic MRI exams.
  • When multiple examinations are requested, less total MRI time is required than if the examinations were performed at separate appointment times. ‘Add-on’ examinations performed at the same time cost less for this reason.