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Private Diagnostic MRI Scan Vancouver

Diagnostic MRI examinations are provided when requested by a physician on your behalf.

Important: Your doctor may provide you with a completed request form, or you can print this form and have your doctor fill it out.

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How an MRI Scan Works

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive scan that uses a powerful magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to take images of your body. An MRI scan helps doctors properly diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. The procedure is considered a safer option; as it does not require the use of radiation.

An MRI scan works by using radio waves and magnetic fields to send and receive signals from hydrogen atoms that already exist in your body. The scanner deciphers these signals and transforms them into an image.

 A typical private MRI scan takes 30 to 45 minutes to perform and results in more than 100 detailed images of the body. Once the images have been reviewed carefully by a radiologist, the radiologist writes a report.

What to Expect During a Diagnostic MRI Scan


Unless instructed otherwise, there is typically little to no preparation needed for an MRI scan. It is important to please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

You will be required to change into pajamas or MRI suitable clothing, and your belongings will be kept in a safe place.

During the exam, we ask you to lie as still as possible. There may be varying instructions depending on the type of scan it is.

Within the magnet itself, there is a two-way intercom so you can communicate with your technician.

You will be given an alarm button to alert the technician in case of any discomfort you experience.

 To learn more or book your diagnostic MRI, call us today at (604) 575-5566 or contact us here. Please note that all services require a physician’s referral.

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MRI is a highly accurate diagnostic test for the evaluation of many parts of the human body. Below you will find additional information and pricing for the following types of scans:

Available discounts

  • Access MRI offers a 15% discount on multiple diagnostic MRI exams.
  • When multiple examinations are requested, less total MRI time is required than if the examinations were performed at separate appointment times. ‘Add-on’ examinations performed at the same time cost less for this reason.