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Litigation MRI Services

Our litigation MRI services are offered on a contingent basis. If damages are not recovered from an insurer, there is no cost to you for our service.

Access MRI provides MRI examinations with no wait time. Appointments are normally available within 1 day, sometimes the same day.

Litigation MRI services can help:

  • Ensure proper compensation for injured clients
  • Provide objective medical evidence to support a claim
  • Resolve claims with confidence.

What is a Litigation MRI?

Litigation related MRI exams are requested by a physician working in conjunction with a law firm that represents a patient. This law firm is usually assisting the patient with a personal injury claim.

MRI scans provide objective evidence of health and injury that can be useful for both medical diagnostic and legal purposes.

Litigation MRI Process

The service includes the MRI images and a report. If required, and in order to assist a court of law or lawyers involved in sorting out a claim, the radiologist author of the report will also provide statements related to his or her qualifications.

In addition to the MRI images, an MRI examination report is provided. The MRI report is authored by a board certified radiologist, an expert qualified in the interpretation of MRI examinations. The information provided in the report document can be of assistance to persons involved in the patient’s care and in the patient’s legal affairs.

Payment Methods

MRI examinations for litigation purposes can be paid for at the time of the initial examination, or on a deferred payment basis. Deferred payment means that the cost of the examination and any accrued finance charges are not due until the legal matter is settled. When deferred payment is requested, a legal agreement is sent to the patient’s lawyer for review and signature.

MRI examinations are usually not covered by a person’s insurance although there may be exceptions.

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Litigation MRI exams start at $995