Private MRI Clinic in Surrey

Welcome to Access MRI

Since 2007, Access MRI has proudly offered diagnostic and screening MRI services to satisfied patients in Surrey and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. State-of-the art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) allows our experienced team of radiologists to consistently offer the highest standard of care.

Receive Screening MRI and Diagnostic MRI Examinations Immediately

Long wait times for MRI in the hospital system are not helpful to anyone. At Access MRI we offer immediate access to private screening MRI scans and diagnostic MRI scans. Access MRI is here to ensure that you receive the proper diagnosis at your earliest convenience.

Litigation MRI Scans for Personal Injury Claims

MRI scans are frequently used to document the nature and extent of injuries in personal injury claims in British Columbia. Access MRI is an experienced provider of litigation MRI services. Access MRI works with your legal representative to assist with personal injury claims.

Cost of a Private MRI Scan

  • Screening MRI scans start at $395
  • Diagnostic MRI exams start at $595.
  • Access MRI offers a 15% discount on multiple diagnostic MRI exams.
  • Access MRI offers a $195 discount if a screening MRI exam is added to a diagnostic exam
  • When multiple examinations are requested, less total MRI time is required than if the examinations were performed at separate appointment times. ‘Add-on’ MRI examinations performed at the same time cost less for this reason.

Book your MRI Examination Online

Access MRI is the only private MRI clinic in British Columbia offering the convenience of MRI examination booking and payment online. Click to view our various types of MRI scans available for booking or call us if you have any questions.