Head & Brain MRI Scan

What is an MRI of the head?

Magnetic resonance imaging a test that medical professionals perform to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Some of the most common reasons for a brain MRI include:

  • Examination of brain anatomy
  • Assessment for trauma, stroke or other problems
  • Assessment for brain tumors
  • Surgery planning


Complete Diagnostic MRI of the Head without Intravenous Contrast
Multiple MRI Sequences For Detailed Analysis of the Head and Brain

Time: 40 min
Cost: $820
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Additional Information
Doctor Referral Required: Yes
Includes: Online Image Access, Radiologist Report
Structures evaluated with an MRI Head Scan:
  • Brain
  • Skull base
  • Fluid spaces around and within the brain
  • Inner ear structures
  • Sinuses and adjacent tissues
Are there risks associated with a brain MRI?

MRI brain scans are non-invasive and are painless. MRI uses magnetism to create a picture. Unlike X rays and CT scans, MRI does not expose you to harmful radiation.
How do I book a brain MRI Scan?

Use our convenient booking system to make your appointment with Access MRI. You can select your day and make payments online.