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Echocardiography examinations are provided when requested by a physician on your behalf.

Important: Your doctor may provide you with a completed request form, or you can print this form and have your doctor fill it out.

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An echocardiography examination results in approximately 1000 detailed images of the heart, most of which are moving video clips. Advanced diagnostic information about the way your heart functions is encoded in these images. The images are reviewed by a radiologist specialist physician with fellowship training in echocardiography. The radiologist writes a report which is then sent to your doctor.


To learn more or schedule an echocardiography examination, call us today at (604) 575-5566 or contact us here. Please note that all services require a physician’s referral.

Available discounts

  • Access MRI offers a 15% discount on multiple diagnostic imaging exams.
  • When multiple examinations are requested, less total clinic time is required than if the examinations were performed at separate appointment times. ‘Add-on’ examinations performed at the same time cost less for this reason.

Price Match Guarantee

We will match any competitor’s advertised price for the same exam