Access MRI Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS)

Password Acknowledgement and System Use Agreement

I have requested a user name and password from Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc., which will permit me to use the computerized medical image viewing service (“PACS network”) of Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc.  for the purpose of viewing images and obtaining other clinical information regarding my patients. I agree that the issue of a user name and password and my use of such user name and password are subject to the following conditions:

1.     PASSWORD/USER NAME CONFIDENTIALITY. I will not divulge my password, user name, or any other information required to access the PACS network to any other person, nor shall I permit any other person to use my user name or password. I agree to make my best efforts to safeguard my user name and password so that they are not unintentionally divulged.

2.     USE FOR CARE ONLY. I will use my user name and password only to gain access to images of patients who I am currently treating or evaluating for treatment. I understand that I have no right to view images or other information about persons who are not my patients, and I agree that I will not do so.

3.     COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW. I understand that the Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc. PACS network contains confidential information that may be protected under Canadian Federal and Provincial Privacy legislation, and the ethics rules of the medical profession.

4.     DUTY TO REPORT. I will contact Amita Dosanjh, Clinic Manager or the Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc. Privacy Officer ( immediately upon any of the following events:

i.     Learning that my patients’ images have been improperly accessed by a third party;

ii.     Learning that my password or user name is or has been in the possession of any third party; or

iii.     Learning of any other misuse of the Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc. PACS network.

5.     MONITORING. I understand and acknowledge that the use of the Access MRI Surrey Clinic Inc. PACS network by me and other users is monitored. By using the PACS network, I agree to this monitoring.