Cervical Spine MRI Scan


Complete Diagnostic MRI of the Cervical Spine
Multiple MRI Sequences For Detailed Analysis of Cervical Spine

Time: 25 min
Cost: $820
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Additional Information
Doctor Referral Required: Yes
Includes: Online Image Access, Radiologist Report
Structures Evaluated With This Exam:
  • Intervertebral Discs
  • Nerve Roots
  • Spinal Cord
  • Vertebrae
  • Neck Joints
Why is a cervical spine mri performed?

A cervical spine MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is often performed to diagnose neck pain. If you are noticing problems with your neck, your doctor might recommend a cervical spine MRI scan.

MRI scans can provide information to diagnose the cause of your symptoms and help your doctor to suggest appropriate treatment options.
What is the risk of cervical spine mri?

While other procedures such as X-rays and CT scans use radiation to look inside your body, MRI scans are much safer. These scans use a magnetic field and radio waves, which are not harmful to your body.